1st Eulogy

In Memory of You

By Serena Letendre

We are gathered to honor the individuals who gave their most treasured
possession to others, their bodies. It is the gift we are given when we enter
this world and one that we may chose to give when we depart.

As we grow in body, we grow in mind and spirit. We realize that like a
sailor aboard ship, we are on board a vessel of sorts. We navigate
throughout our lives by making choices. Whether the journey is calm or
tumultuous we travel along to reach our destinies.

Physically, like any vessel, we need fuel - the air we breathe the food we
eat. All the while our vessel carries Hope to reach our destinies. In times of
struggle we hold steadfast Faith that difficult times will pass and our path
will clear. We embrace the days we are engulfed in Joy. And we must face
the days we are drowned in Sorrow.

Today is about Love. We did not know the individuals in life whom we
honor today. We do not know if their lives were all that they had hoped
them to be. But we do know that no matter how great or small their givings
and misgivings might have been, they loved.

In giving so greatly of all they truly had left to give, it is pure and simple
love. This love is not only for their family, but for humanity. This love is
far-reaching. This love is for others they have never known and for us future

For this gift we thank you. We thank your families as well.
May the spirit of this day Bless you all with one final gift, that of Peace: the
Peace in knowing how greatly you are loved.